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Known Issues

Everything in SE (Generic)

  1. Structures craft cost is not displayed correctly
    Solution: Delete mod file, reinstall.

Crafting Stations & Power Sources

  1. None Reported


  1. if you farm with the Magmasaur metal or obsidian you don’t get Naquada or gold
  2. If you farm with the Dunklo metal or obsidian you don’t get Naquadah or gold
  3. ZPE stacks glitch and stay at 300, server restarts will drop them from 1000 to 300

Gates & DHDs

  1. DHD Control Crystal has NOT been implemented yet. However the Gates & Rings can be used without it, just make sure they are in range of each other.
  2. Gate / DHD shows negative energy in the “Gate Energy” location. Gate should still function normally this is mostly a visual bug.
  3. Gates cannot be dialed to without Naming or knowing the address.
  4. From the 10/24/2020 Update: If you have not updated your mods since before this, when you update the Stargates will be deleted. This happened from this update & was unavoidable due to the mod needing a file re-structuring. This will not happen again.
  5. Gates using 10 energy when should be 5, even when in distance


  1. There is a visual issue with the locking & unlocking of the Rings. When placing rings they are likely auto set to lock, and lock means that it is only one way. Until fixed (Lock/Unlock in the wheel menu), just lock/unlock until the rings function normally.
  2. Rings on rafts/ships can only receive, they cannot send off of the rafts.
  3. Rings do not xfer to rings outside of render range.


  1. Rex and bigger dinos get stuck on the gate ramps.
  2. Collisions for Gate & Ring ramps.
  3. Rotation on ramps needs to be fixed, it does not cycle through all positions as it should correctly. Example: SGC ramp only cycled through 3 directions, not the forth as well.


  1. PDA makes the character rigid & static in 1st person view.
  2. PDA cannot be used while mounted.

INI Config Settings

  1. Disable Pickup ini does not work, even just adding the setting to the ini file will screw up the pickup of gates/dhds even if set to false.


  1. None Reported

Mod Conflicts

  1. RPE Editions overrides resource spawns, even moving SE above will not fix this issue.
  2. The Hunted overrides resource spawns, move SE above
  3. Additional Creatures: Wild Ark overrides resource spawns, move SE above
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