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Naquadah Ingot


Naquadah is a rare, super-dense mineral used by a wide number of different races. Its most basic use is as a weapon: Naquadah greatly amplifies energy, making it extremely potent if paired with explosives. Due to its unique properties, Naquadah forms the basis for many advanced technologies


Created by refining Naquadah Ore in The Lantean Fabricator

Type Resource
Weight 1
Stack Size 100
Crafting XP 1
Crafted In Lantean Fabricator (LF)


Icon Name Quantity Obtained
Naquadah Ore x2 Obsidian Node

Spawn Code

cheat giveitem “/Game/Mods/StargateEvolution/Blueprints/Items/Resources/Naquadah/Ingot/PrimalItemResource_NaquadahIngot.PrimalItemResource_NaquadahIngot” 50 0 0 false
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