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Ori Rings


Ori transport rings or simply rings, are a form of transport used by a number of species, but they were originally designed and built by the Ancients before their invention of beam transporters.


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Type Building
Health 2500
Weight 20
Stack Size 1
Required Level 55
Engram Points 5
Crafting XP 20
Crafted In Stargate Crafting Station (SCS)


Icon Name Quantity Obtained
Crystal x180 Crystal Node
Advanced Electronics x90 Lantean Fabricator (LF)
Metal Ingot x360 Refining Forge
Naquadah Ingot x240 Lantean Fabricator (LF)
Obsidian x60 Obsidian Node

Spawn Code

cheat giveitem “/Game/Mods/StargateEvolution/Blueprints/Structures/Rings/Ori_Rings/PrimalItemStructure_Ori_Rings.PrimalItemStructure_Ori_Rings” 1 0 0 false
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